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List Growth With Facebook Live, Webinars, Google Hangouts & More

updated 2022-01-06
Instead of podcasts, we’ll look into liveGoogle Hangouts, Periscope, webinars, Snapchat, Facebook Live sessions and the myriad of other social media video streaming options out there these days and how we can leverage them to build our lists.
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Table of Contents

A couple of days ago we talked about how we can grow our lists with Podcasts. Today we’ll cover a variation on that particular theme.

Instead of podcasts, we’ll look into live Google Hangouts, Periscope, webinars, Snapchat, Facebook Live sessions and the myriad of other social media video streaming options out there these days and how we can leverage them to build our lists.

It's Hot Right Now

I don’t have to tell you that live video streaming is the hot new thing right now. Smartphones make it easy to do this anytime & anywhere. Just figure out what you want to talk about, point the camera at yourself and go.

Since your target audience may be on these social media platforms and comfortable learning via live webinars and hangouts, it gives you a chance to reach them in a different way and on a different platform.

That alone allows you to grow your reach and thus your list.

Interact Live

Being able to interact live with your target audience adds a whole different level of connection to the mix and that builds trust. There’s just something about seeing and hearing another person that gives us a much deeper level of connectivity.

pageTake advantage of that by getting active on these live video sites.

Another Avenue to Communicate

Think of it as yet another avenue that allows you to share your content and your expertise. The goal – as always – is to grow your reach, connect with more people, and ultimately build your list. For that to happen you have to approach this a strategically.

Think of it like a live, visual version of the blog posts we talked about earlier in this challenge where you share some content and then transition into a closely matched opt-in offer.

Transform Your Articles into Live Content

In fact, you could turn each of those blog posts into a live video broadcast where you share the content from the post and then send them either to a dedicated opt-in page or directly to that blog post.

With webinars, you may want to come up with a little more content. Take one of your short reports for example and turn the content into a series of slides. Give your webinar and at the end of it send them to a dedicated opt-in page to pick up the report so they have it to review later.

The Rundown

As you do this type of content, keep it simple. Start with short, easy video sessions with content that you’re very comfortable talking about.

This allows you to spend most of your focus and energy on getting used to the format, the technology and everything else involved in it. Then expand and grow from there.

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