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Step Up & Show Out

Credibility Builder™️

Ready to make waves in your industry? Craving a brand identity that mirrors your groundbreaking Misfit Energy™?
Credibility Builder™ is your answer.
With our suite of services, we forge the pathway to brand visibility, carving a unique space for your entrepreneurial prowess. Collaborating with us means committing to a holistic brand journey that resonates with your vision and amplifies your unique message.
As a trillion-dollar company mimic, we believe in creating spotlights instead of stepping into pre-existing ones.
Our Credibility Builder™ Suite of services offer:
Unique Strategies: We reinforce your brand's individuality, focusing on attributes that set you apart.
Customized Recommendations: We offer you tailored advice, aimed to catapult your brand visibility.
Revival Services: We realign your brand, offering it the attention it needs to bounce back, stronger and more visible.
SEO-Oriented Solutions: We drive your online presence, using optimization techniques to position your brand in the digital landscape.

Empowering Your Credibility

Credibility Builder™️

Explore the transformative power of the Credibility Builder™ Suite:
1. VocalElevation™️ Podcast Production: Amplify your brand's voice with a strategically-produced podcast, echoing your vision across digital platforms.
2. Struggle Brand Therapy™: Revitalize your brand's identity and visibility, steering it back to its destined track.
3. Struggle Project Cure™: Bridge your project strategies with your brand's ethos, ensuring they align for impactful outcomes.
4. SEO Synced™️ SEO Optimized: Propel your online presence to new heights with our meticulous SEO services, asserting your brand's authority in the digital domain.
Don't just create a brand, create a beacon for your audience. With Credibility Builder™, transform your entrepreneurial journey into a saga of respect, credibility, and authenticity. Emerge as the Misfit Entrepreneur™ you are destined to be, wielding a brand that captivates and commands.
Step into the world of Credibility Builder™, and let's construct a brand story that's as unconventional as you.
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CB / Credibility Builder™

Elevate Your Voice; Dare To Stand Out


Podcasting is an art, a medium of expression that brings your brand's narrative to life.
At Bklyn Custom Designs℠, we understand that Misfit Entrepreneurs™ like you thrive in uncharted territories, bringing innovation and vision to the world.
Our VocalElevation™ Podcast Production service is designed to create a unique audio platform that embodies your spirit and helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level.
Here's a snapshot of the journey you'll embark on with VocalElevation™ Podcast Production:
Conceptualization: We help you define the framework of your podcast, identifying the core themes that align with your brand and appeal to your audience.
Production: Our team provides comprehensive support in recording, editing, and producing high-quality episodes that resonate with your listeners.
Distribution: We guide you in launching your podcast on multiple platforms, maximizing reach and engagement.
Promotion: We support you in creating a buzz around your podcast, utilizing a blend of SEO strategies and social media marketing to drive awareness and listenership.
Growth Strategy: We don't stop at launch. We work with you to continually evaluate your podcast's performance, refining strategies and exploring opportunities for growth. You get us for one full year!
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VE / VocalElevation™️

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SBT / Struggle Brand Therapy™

Your Gateway to Distinctive Brand Recognition

Struggle Brand Therapy™️

Redefine your entrepreneurial journey with our Struggle Brand Therapy™ service, exclusively designed to resonate with the nonconformist in you.
Your brand deserves to stand out, just as you do in your industry. We invite you to transform your brand identity into a compelling narrative, reflecting your unique qualities & underlining your expertise.
Our comprehensive Struggle Brand Therapy™ service empowers you to break free from the constraints of traditional branding and embraces your disruptive spirit. Together, we will recover, realign, & enhance your brand image, paving the way for a reputation that speaks volumes.
Here's what's in store for you:
Struggle Brand Detection™: Discover the potential of your brand and how it could connect better with your audience.
Struggle Brand Rescue™: Design a brand that authentically represents you and resonates with your target market.
Struggle Brand Maintenance™: Ensure your brand stays relevant, distinctive, and aligned with your business goals.
Rise above the norms and let your misfit identity influence your brand's story. Let's start your brand transformation journey today with Struggle Brand Therapy™.
Streamlining Your Brand's Projects

Struggle Project Cure™️

A unique, groundbreaking solution designed to take your project management to the next level.
It's specially curated for the ambitious Misfit Entrepreneurs who refuse to conform and are ready to drive their projects towards success.
Why Choose Struggle Project Cure™?
You may be wondering why you should apply to have us handle your Project Management.
Here are a few reasons:
1. Effective Project Planning: We provide a clear roadmap, assisting you in setting tangible goals, defining timelines, and establishing the scope of your projects.
2. Seamless Execution: We guide you through each step of project execution, ensuring that you maintain momentum and stay on track.
3. Continuous Monitoring: We assist in tracking progress, identifying potential issues early on, and adjusting your plan as necessary to maintain alignment with your objectives.
4. Time and Cost Efficiency: By streamlining your project management, we help you save valuable time and reduce unnecessary costs.
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SPC / Struggle Project Cure™️

SEOS / SEO Synced™

Enhancing Your Digital Presence

SEO Synced™️

Amplify your digital presence with SEO Synced™, an innovative solution from Bklyn Custom Designs℠, designed specifically for the forward-thinking Misfit Entrepreneurs™. Master the realm of search engines and mark your territory in the expansive digital landscape with our expert SEO services.
Why Choose SEO Synced™?
Knowing how to implement and effective SEO Strategy sets your business apart from the noise. However, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the technicals involved. We keep it simple so you learn how to benefit from integrating SEO into your marketing.
Here's some of what you'd experience:
1. Enhanced Visibility: Boost your online presence and get discovered by a wider audience.
2. Improved Rankings: Climb up the search engine rankings and stand above the competition.
3. Increased Traffic: Drive more organic traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers.

Uniqueness at its Best: Showcasing Our Tailored Solutions

Client Projects

Your journey is uniquely yours, marked by distinct vibes, needs, and project requirements. Here, we celebrate that individuality through a showcase of our uniquely tailored projects.

Explore how our services can catalyze your website's conversion rate. Tap the button below to embark on a quick tour through our impressive portfolio!


Branded Like A Boss: J3fe Media

Struggle Site Rehab™


Perfect for Misfit Entrepreneurs™

You Need
This If...

Unleash your entrepreneurial prowess with our Credibility Builder™ Suite services. As a Misfit Entrepreneur™, you possess the distinctive drive to reshape the norms, disrupt conventions, and pioneer change in your industry.

However, to make your vision a reality, your brand must serve as a shining beacon to your audience – illuminating your unique offerings, values, and mission.

By investing in one of our Credibility Builder™ services, you don't merely create a brand; you forge an authentic saga of respect and credibility that truly captures your Misfit Energy™.

Step into your power & command attention in the marketplace with a brand that resonates, captivates, & converts.

Here some key reasons to jump in:

Simplifying Tech for Brand Misfits


260 +
Laqueshia B.
Laqueshia B.
LQB Design Solutions, CEO • Website Designer
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I've known Charlene for 7 years and hired her to create a promo video for me so I could promote my website design business. I would work with her again because of the professionalism and the depth of knowledge that the she has. Charlene is very determined to deliver a product that will move her client's business to the next level and for that I would be proud to recommend her to others.
Ruby C.
Ruby C.
Sly Magazine, Fashion Editor
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...Charlene helped set a clear vision for the development of the website, including SEO development and direct marketing strategies. I would work with them again because Charlene is on the pulse of digital trends, which is important for a small company and I highly recommend them.
Simone K.
Simone K.
Own Your Power, Life Coach • Reiki Master
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I was looking to improve my website and optimize it for videos and give it a fresh new vibe. I am dancing in the streets with joy! They provided nothing but excellence.

Our Solutions

Solutions To Break the Struggle Cycle™

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Everything starts with strategy. No way around that. We help you work through it.

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Putting clarity into action makes a difference when you launch your site.

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The strategy is just the first part. When you implement, you want to create structure.

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Trainings, Workshops, & Courses are available to provide you building blocks.

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Your strategy is set & site is launched. Time to keep it on track with precision.

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Misfits Supporting Misfits™ is the focus in our Community. Join today!

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