Advanced Branding Tactics Every Solopreneur Should Try

updated 2022-07-17
It’s important that you use a variety of different types of content on your blog and/or website to drive engagement. Don’t just use words – take advantage of videos, podcasts, audio, graphics, and more to give your audience plenty of ways to consume your content.
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The old ways of marketing through advertisements, branding, attracting customers and making sales in a simple and quick manner are over. Today, marketing and branding is all about, as Seth Godin would say, “attraction and connections.” Many solopreneurs are left wondering which tactics create these attractions and connections that result in what we all want: more sales.

Here are a few tactics that you can use to ensure that you're ahead of the game!

Get Responsive

This is practically a beginner's tip at this point, but just in case you have been around a while and haven't made the move, it's time. No need to wait any longer. Your website needs to be responsive, and it needs to be easily accessible to your visitors on the go. People are using mobile technology more and more to access online information and conduct business. Don't get left behind!

Take Action on Social Media

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It's not enough to join social media and place a link on your website. You have to be part of the active community. Completely fill out your profiles; ensure that they are part of a cohesive representation of your brand. Then, take action on social media by sharing your content, sharing other people's content, and participating in discussions. If all you do is share your own things on social media, folks can lose interest in you. Participation and mutual reciprocation is key.

Attend and Host Events: Online and In-Person

Participating in online events such as Google On Air Hangouts, other webinars and events, and live events, will help you soar in reputation and business. You should plan and host them as often as you can. Having online and live events is a great way to personalize yourself and your brand with your audience. Until they hear you or see you live, you might just be an avatar on their screen. Once you do show yourself, your brand will explode.

Write a Book

Becoming an author nowadays is a great way to create an awesome calling card for your business. The entry barriers are lower than ever, but it doesn't dismiss the fact that being an author of a book within your niche is a great way to market your brand. Write or ghostwrite a book of key interest to your audience, professionally edit it, create a professional cover, and self-publish it for sale on Kindle. You can even use a print-on-demand service like CreateSpace (owned by Kindle) if you want to have print versions available to sign at events.

Become a Speaker

Speaking at events within your community and across the country is an excellent way to market your brand. Create a one-sheet and send it to various speakers bureaus for groups and organizations where you think your audience will attend. According to Marquesa Pettway, “A speaker sheet is a snapshot of your expertise, services, clients, testimonials, and background.” It's referred to as a one-sheet because your information should fit on one page. Learn more about one-sheets from her. She's even got a Speakers' Checklist that you can download. Once you've got your feet wet as a speaker you can charge for your appearances, creating an additional stream of revenue while marketing your brand simultaneously.

Launch Special Landing Pages

You've probably written guest blog articles and contributed content to various online and offline sources. If you haven't, you should be. But if you currently do, be sure to create a special landing page on your website for each separate venue. When the audience clicks through your site, they will have a special experience and be more inclined to trust you enough to act on your Calls To Action (CTAs).

Bonus Tactic: Volunteer for Community Service

Helping out around your community is not only a great way to get your face and name out there but wonderful for building your brand's reputation. Through monetary and physical dedication to investing in the community (-ies) you work in allows your audience to see you in a new light. This also shows that you are not here just to make money off the community. Be willing to invest back in those who invest in you!

The Rundown

It's important that you use a variety of different types of content on your blog and/or website to drive engagement. Don't just use words – take advantage of videos, podcasts, audio, graphics, and more to give your audience plenty of ways to consume your content. Start using these advanced branding tactics today, and within 90 days you'll see a huge difference in your marketing results.

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