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How To Create A Successful Website Strategy That Delivers Results

updated 2022-12-21
Learn why an effective digital website strategy is essential in order to achieve success in the modern business world.
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Table of Contents

Creating a digital strategy for your website is essential if you want to drive traffic, leads and sales. In this article, I will outline the steps you take to create a successful website strategy that delivers the results you want. It’s the combination of steps that takes your website to the next level and keeps it there. Relying on one strategy or allowing your style to get stale will cause you to miss.

In today’s digital age, having an effective website strategy is essential for any business or organization. A well-structured website strategy should include a comprehensive plan to maximize the visibility of your website and its content, improve user experience, drive traffic, and ultimately increase ROI.

7 Steps To Create A Successful Website Strategy

To ensure success, it’s important to take the time to research and understand the latest trends in digital marketing, SEO techniques, and website design. With the right foundation in place, businesses and organizations can create a powerful online presence and reap the rewards of their digital website strategy. Let’s dive into 7 strategies you can use to create yours.

Define Your Company Goals

The importance of creating your company goals goes beyond knowing where you want your business to be in the future; it also involves how your business is known to the public as well.

Defining your company goals should always include how you spread the word about what you do and who you are. How will you control the narrative of your story?

It’s easy to push this off until “later” but this step shapes everything else that you do as you start to develop as a business owner. From the type of leader, you want to be to the type of legacy your business leaves in the world.

Create A Vision For The Website

The vision for your website will help bring many aspects of your business into view. Businesses need to have an effective website strategy in order to stay competitive.

This strategy should include elements such as optimizing content for search engines, utilizing social media and other online marketing tools, and having a responsive design that is optimized for mobile devices.

With the right website strategy, businesses can reach their target audience, boost their visibility, and attract more customers. Create a successful website strategy that brings your vision to life.

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Choose The Right Platform

Platform matters for long-term effect. Your decisions should not be based on the “expertise” of someone else; rather they should be based on the evaluations you’ve made for your business needs.

In order to truly know which platform you need to be on, you should refer to the goals & vision for your business and the type of brand you are creating. Some focus only on functionality, but this leaves out the growth of your business and the ever-transforming landscape of technology.

A platform that may seem powerful for marketing can be a disappointment for transformation and embracing new creative-driven technology like Web3; forcing you to jump ship either way.

Never plan your use of a platform for your current situation, but rather consider how the world evolves and how technology is shaping. Many of these changes; Then consider how your business participates in these changes.

Design The Site Structure

The structure of your site will either encourage folks to engage or turn away from exploring. For decades, templates have been used as a way to quicken the development process of a website. However, they have also backfired and made users too dependent on what someone else considered “good enough” to create their site & get started online.

Site structures are constantly tested (in beta and Live) so that the best results for companies and users are achieved. No two businesses within the same industry will get the same results so why rely on the same structure?

Many use Apple as a threshold of what a “simple” site looks like, but did you know that Apple also has invested time and money to ensure that their sites all achieve various goals – depending on their needs at any given time?

Testing happens at all stages of a website’s life cycle – not only during development. So be sure that you’re designing to achieve your goals, not someone else’s.

Add Content & Images

Your content & imagery add the necessary layers to your website that drives the engagement and conversions so many small business owners and solopreneurs crave. It’s no longer enough to “throw something up” and think that cold or even warm traffic will react favorably.

The content & images we add to our websites play a pivotal role in helping us create the stories we want to share. They not only help us tell our story, but they also help share our credibility by allowing us to express our expertise and demonstrate what we have to offer.

Your content & images are vital when you create a successful website strategy. Find a creative way to stand out on your website and build cornerstone/evergreen content that will show you as the thought leader you want to be. From an eStore to a blog, these will all help you position yourself if created properly.

Optimize The Website For Search Engines

Once all the previous steps are taken, optimizing your website for search engines is super simple. When you go through and focus on what your goals are, the optimization of keywords, images, and content all falls into place.

No, you don’t have to settle for disconnected processes to get to your overall goals if you simply create a complete, holistic approach to what your entire marketing looks like.

Optimizing is built for the long game and has short-term gains when implemented properly. Take your time to weave a strong net so search engines begin to rely on your site as a wealth of credibility & value.

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Setup Social Media Marketing Accounts

The ability to amplify your voice using social media can catapult a small business or solopreneur like no other. Nevertheless, these platforms shouldn’t be held at a higher status than your own platform (your website) as you build your visibility.

Over the years there has been a movement rejecting the ownership of a site for the perceived convenience of social media and similar borrowed platforms. This has left many small business owners and solopreneurs at the mercy of ever-changing algorithms and competing voices all fighting to share the same borrowed stage.

Set up your social media accounts for marketing your website and building the cycle of valuable content. These channels should be used in connection, not in replacement, of your site.

The Rundown

By following these 7 steps to building your website strategy, you can create a successful digital strategy that delivers results for you. As businesses enter the digital age, website strategy is becoming increasingly important for success. Remember, create a successful website strategy that allows you to build on your goals and dreams – not someone else’s.

In today’s digital landscape, a well-crafted website strategy can help companies reach their goals and make the most of the available digital resources. With the right approach, businesses can create a strong online presence, increase brand recognition, and drive more conversions.

From creating a search engine-optimized website to leveraging social media for marketing and lead generation, an effective digital website strategy is essential in order to achieve success in the modern business world.

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