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5 Tips To Improve Your Website Strategy

updated 2022-07-11
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The term “website strategy” was not commonly used when I started working as a web developer and designer in the early 2000s. This passion of mine developed gradually, without anyone telling me what it was called or what it consisted of. A passion to see clients succeed be knowing it had to involve more than simply creating a website; it was more than just bringing a beautiful concept into reality.

Website strategy is essential for any business. If you want to succeed, you need to develop a website strategy that is both informative and attractive to potential customers. More than just driving traffic to a domain; developing & designs a site goes beyond aesthetics and visibility. Follow these five strategies to improve your website strategy.

What is The Purpose of a Website Strategy?

A website is a platform that businesses use to connect with customers. Your site should serve a specific purpose, such as providing information, selling products, or providing services.

The website strategy needs to be part of the building foundation. I often come across clients who work on the strategy after the site is built. This approach tends to lead to something they never want to hear – the site needs to be torn down and rebuilt properly.

As the site isn't built for success, the visibility and traffic become wasted or incorrect based on a bad design that fails to sustain the attention it's gaining and is unable to convert visitors well.

What is The Fundamental Element of a Website Strategy?

A site's design is the fundamental element that determines how well it will be viewed. The design should be simple, easy to understand, and visually appealing.

The website strategy must be set, and the supporting assets created & maintained to assist in the growth of the site, business, & brand. Content, SEO, graphics, & tech all play a pivotal role in creating a solid site strategy.

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What is The Role of Graphics in a Website Strategy?

Graphics are an important part of any website strategy. They can help to identify key points, add emphasis, and create a feeling of visual appeal. You want to be careful not to go overboard or leave your audience underwhelmed. Striking the perfect balance is essential regardless of your industry or intent.

What is The Importance of SEO in a Site Strategy?

SEO is the process of improving a website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). This ranking can help to increase site traffic and generate leads. As you create your keywords keep a few things in mind: (1) generate keywords that are part of current and popular conversations; and (2) create keywords that you want to use specifically for your brand and become the thought leader for.

Mixing trends with your true passion can help you stand out from the crowd, and show your expertise in a way that isn't forced. This makes it easier for you to improve your website strategy without feeling out of place.

What is The Role of Social Media in a Site Strategy?

Social media is an important and viable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. It can help to connect with customers, build relationships & visibility, and create a sense of community. The issue that many of us face is when to start social media campaigns and how much energy to pour into them.

As you build your voice on these borrowed platforms, you don't want to ignore your digital marketing foundation – your website. The purpose should never be lost on why you are on social media and it should always be to drive folks back to your branded and fully controlled platform. As you build your website strategy, be sure to include all aspects of your social media as this will be part of your marketing efforts.

The Rundown

By following these five strategies, you can improve your website strategy and achieve your business goals. From creation to promotion; the mission needs to be clear. As in all aspects of business, there needs to be an expectation set with clear goals. Skipping some steps only forces you to return to them sooner or later; so why delay the inevitable. If you're ready to improve your website strategy you can book a session with me today.

Book your Struggle Site Strategy Session with Charlene V. Brown, The Brand Misfit℠ of Bklyn Custom Designs while seats are available.

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