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Facebook Ads To Grow Your List

updated 2022-01-07
So far most of what we’ve focused on free ways to grow your list. Today I thought we’d discuss a paid method that’s been working extremely well, and that’s using Facebook advertising to grow your list.
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So far most of what we’ve focused on free options to grow your list. Today I thought we’d discuss a paid method that’s been working extremely well, and that’s using Facebook advertising to grow your list.

I suggest you start with Facebook ads when you’re ready to dip your toes into paid list building methods because it’s easy to get started and you don’t have to spend much either. Despite the recent changes that Facebook underwent in how ads are created and used, you can still learn how to make it work for you.

Even if the idea of spending money for advertising your business and growing your list seems like something you’re not really interested in, I encourage you to give this a try.

To grow your business and your reach you have two options. You can spend time or you can spend money. It may not feel like it right now, but time is the much more limited resources.

All we have is 24 hours per day and that limits how many articles and guest posts you can write. But with advertising, you suddenly get a lot more leverage. Once you set it up, you don’t need to spend a lot of time tweaking and monitoring. At least read through the rest of today’s post with an open mind.

Start Small And Get Your Feet Wet

Before you get started, make sure you have some tracking in place. Set up a dedicated opt-in page, using a page that’s converted well for you as a template. This allows you to track how many people end up signing up for your list as a direct result of your Facebook advertisement.page

Next, find some examples of FB ads that are converting well. Look up case studies, take a look at what your competitors are doing in this area and just pay attention to the ads Facebook serves you when you’re on their site.

Start small and just give it a try. Set a low daily budget and see if you can get some new subscribers. Then start testing and see if you can make it work better and pay less per new subscriber.

Ramp It Up When, And If, You’re Ready

When you find a winning combination and you’re ready, ramp it up and increase your daily budget. Continue to test and track to make sure your results keep improving.

Keep going until you find a level where you’re comfortable and your list growth is sustainable.

At this point, you may also want to set up a few more targeted opt-in pages dedicated to different segments of your audience. Create lead magnets and ads that appeal to those markets and choose the audience you serve these ads to carefully. Rinse and repeat as often as you see fit.

Get Better At Facebook Advertising

Last but not least, keep learning. Read more case studies, keep testing out new ads and new strategies. Learn about targeting lists, uploading your own lists and using retargeting pixels. There’s a lot to learn about Facebook advertising, most of which is far outside the scope of this list building challenge.

Find some good resources, take a course and keep getting better at advertising to grow your list.

The Rundown

Facebook Ads can help most businesses grow and maintain stability if and when used properly. Your goal today is not to master this strategy, but to become familiar enough with it that you can envision using it for help spread the word about your brand, special events, and new products and services you launch.

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