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updated 2022-01-07
Even if you don’t subscribe to Kindle Unlimited personally, there are a lot of people who do and they are always on the lookout for new books – both fiction and non-fiction. Learn how to maximize Kindle for your brand.
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Kindle books have changed the eBook marketplace for good. Everyone has a Kindle or a Kindle reader app.

It’s the easiest way to get a new book and check out a new author without having to head to a bookstore or wait for a physical book to ship and with the Kindle Unlimited program, you have an almost unlimited library of free books at your fingertips.

Even if you don’t subscribe to Kindle Unlimited personally, there are a lot of people who do and they are always on the lookout for new books – both fiction and non-fiction.

Our Objective: Non-Fiction

Today we’ll focus on non-fiction since that’s what will work best for most of us to grow our lists. The basic idea is very simple. Think about your niche and pick a topic that would make a good Kindle book (or short report, ebook etc.). Write it and format it for Kindle. Within the book, you invite readers to sign up for your list. Publish the book for 99 cents and start making sales.

Promote it until Amazon starts to help promote for you and then sit back and watch readers sign up for your list. The best part is that you get paid to build your list. Let’s run through it step-by-step

Pick A Topic For Your Kindle Book

Take a look at Amazon books in your niche and see what type of topics your niche is interested in. Pay particular attention to highly targeted and tightly focused Kindle books. Then come up with a topic for a short book you can write that covers one particular topic your target market is interested in.

For example, if your target audience is parents of school-aged children, you could write a Kindle book about getting kids excited to read and engage with books over summer break.

Come Up With An Opt-In Offerpage

Next, you want to come up with an attractive opt-in offer. In our example above, it could be something like a list of 500 books for kids to read this summer, divided into reading level and areas of interest. Probably an interactive PDF that guides your reader through creating their own graphics using Canva, or a 7-day course on how to use Social Media for their business! To get the pdf of this list, they have to sign up with their email address.

Set Up A Dedicated Opt-In Page For Your Book

Set up the dedicated opt-in page where you thank them for checking out your book and invite them to sign up for your list so they can get the bonus book list. Let them know they will also receive your regular email updates going forward but can unsubscribe anytime.

Write and Publish The Kindle Book

Write your kindle book, including a link to the opt-in page where appropriate. Don’t spam your book with it. Instead, work it in naturally and make it seem like a nice bonus and thank you for buying your book.

Publish the book to Amazon Kindle.

Start Promoting It To Build Momentum

Just uploading your book and walking away isn’t enough. If you ignore your book, so will Amazon. But once you start making some sales, they take an interest in it and will show it across their platform and even email interested readers about it.

Promote the book to your list, on your blog, and via your social media channels. The goal is to make enough initial sales to help you generate momentum and get your book to rank.

The Rundown: Rinse and Repeat For Another Topic

Once that’s done, start making a list of other Kindle books and related offers you can put together. Make it a goal to continue to add to your book collection. In addition to growing your list, you may just find that you’ve come across another little revenue stream for your online business.

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