How to Create an Effective Website Design Strategy

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Treat every page you create as a landing page with its own spotlight. If you are creating a "Services" page, showcase the service or product you want people to go to immediately and take action on. Learn more here.
How to Create an Effective Website Design Strategy

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Creating an effective website design strategy helps move launches and redevelopment projects along. Without them, the struggle becomes real and frustrating because you don't have a roadmap of where you need to go in order to complete everything in a timely manner — without wasting your time and your designer's/developer's time too.

Today we'll talk about why creating this strategy is vital for all websites and how to use your strategy to transform your online business.

Why Do You Need A Website Design Strategy?

According to's B2B research study in 2018, less than two-thirds of small businesses own a website despite the realization that more consumers are researching businesses and people online. As of 2019 about 94% small businesses are mobile-ready and for those who remained without website, 58% claimed they would create their websites.

Understanding this, Solopreneurs are realizing that they need to have something up & ready for prospective buyers but most are simply “throwing something up” without a game plan. This works as a short-term solution but soon a redesign would need to be done.

Creating and improving your website design strategy is just one part of the larger puzzle. Monetizing your website can be challenging, but does not have to be impossible. Through your design strategy you can structure your website for success so that you can focus on your business and have your website do the bulk of the targeted work for you.

Think about what your current and ultimate goal(s) is for your website. This will not only clarify what should be on your website but how the different parts should work together. Let's look at how you'll set up your website.

Setting Your Website Up

Personally, I love a clean website because the information is clear, easy to find, and to the point while engaging. However, a “clean” website doesn't happen out of thin air.

You still need to have your content ready and focused so that you, or your designer, can create your website without struggling for ideas and information.

When in doubt map out your website on paper. Figure out not only which pages you want but the information you want to share and how you want everything to look and flow. Once that is done you can go into the development and design on the website.

Too often I've had clients tell me that they are ready to start their website development project but they have no content ready: no images, no written information, no plans for how they want to capture visitor's information.

How to Create an Effective Website Design Strategy

Use Details In Your Website Design Strategy

Not having every thing prepped isn't a bad thing but it goes into the planning and production stages of your website. As you design your website strategy you soon realize which areas need help and which you can complete in a short amount of time.

If your design strategy includes multiple pages and information and media, you should use as much detail as possible to be sure that everything is tracked and evaluated to see how & if it works with what you want your website to be.

Remember why you're building your website. With this in mind, consider how you want your visitors to experience your website and find the content. Don't feel like you have to overwhelm them with everything you offer but place the most important items at the top.

If you have a video, place that either at the top or close to it without making your website look and feel clunky.

No More Trash Website

It's time to take your website from Low Level to the Next Level.
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Treat every page you create as a landing page with its own spotlight. If you are creating a “Services” page, showcase the service or product you want people to go to immediately and take action on.

If it's your “About” page, place your image or one that best represents your brand and introduce yourself.

Regardless, showcase your best information like the superstar it is.

The Rundown

Now that you have a starting place for your website create one with a clear focus, no matter how you get it done. As another year approaches, you want to make sure that your website is structured for growth—enter your website design strategy. Create your strategy with the future in mind and not only focused on the present.

With your strategy in hand, you can either build your own website or hire an amazing full stack developer like myself ( 🙂 ) knowing that your goals for your website are one step closer!

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