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I've created some books as resources for you so you'll have two guides to help you create your own launch pad for your online business.

Toolbox Ledger:

Tools we use now.


Tools we are testing out.


Tools we used to use.

Affiliate & Referral Disclaimer

Bklyn Custom Designs is a professional strategy & website architect site that may receive compensation from some companies whose products and services we use, review, test, and recommend. We test each product and service thoroughly and give true reviews and recommendations based on those results. High marks are given to those who deserve them and cannot be bought. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Our participation in referral & affiliate programs allows us to receive a small compensation to support bklyncustomdesigns.com. Thank you for your continued belief in & support of us.


what i use

Web Development & Design

Tools for website development & design that I have found very helpful in launching my clients & personal sites.

WordPress (.Org)

Clear, clean images help capture attention. The camera is a great start. Alt to Wix, Squarespace, Webflow.

Related topics: wordpress, blogging, ecommerce


Building professional, sleek, powerful websites just got easier. Alt. to Oxygen, Brizy, WPBakery, Thrive Architect.

Related topics: wordpress, design, development


From Domains to SSL Certificates, this is your trusted partner to use. Alt. to GoDaddy, InMotion, Squarespace.

Related topics: domain, hosting, ssl certificates


Powerful solutions to your website hosting needs. Alt. to Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy.

Related topics: development, hosting

Envato Elements

Finding assets for your projects just got easier. Alt. to Pixabay, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock, Creative Market.

Related topics: wordpress, design, graphics, media

Backup Guard

Back up, restore, and migrate your WordPress minus the drama. Alt. to UpdraftPlus.

Related topics: wordpress, security


Safeguard your site from hackers & chaos. Alt. to iThemes, WordFence.

Related topics: wordpress, security


Build high-converting checkout pages and sales funnels on your own website. Alt. to Clickfunnels, CartFlow, ThriveCart.

Related topics: wordpress, marketing, ecommerce


Have folks hang on to your every word!


Lighting is important for high-quality videos.

what i use

Content & SEO

Creating content & perfecting your SEO doesn't have to be a struggle. Here are some of my go to items & a few new ones I'm testing.

Squirrly SEO

Build your site & brand awareness using data-driven SEO goals from an AI consultant. Alt. to Yoast, RankMath

Related topics: wordpress, marketing, seo


Write SEO focused content with the help of an AI-powered writing assistant. Alt to Jarvis.

Related topics: seo, content, marketing

WP 301

Improve SEO and customer experience by finding broken links, site redirects, and 404 errors. Alt. to Redirection, Broken Link Checker.

Related topics: seo, content


Create unique content ideas based on insights to create content that thrives. Alt. to SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs.

Related topics: seo, content, marketing


AI-based SEO and web analysis tool that lets you and your team analyze and monitor all your website metrics in one dashboard.Alt. to SEMRush, Serpstat.

Related topics: seo, content


Reveal your competitors and their tactics with this all-in-one SEO platform. Alt. to SEMRush, Ahrefs.

Related topics: seo, content


Real-time forecasts and automate data analytics driven by AI. Alt. to GA Insights.

Related topics: seo, content

what i use

Lead Gen &
Social Shares

Lead generation & sharing your content is part of your website strategy that shouldn't be ignored. Here are some tools that work wonders in simplifying much of the heavy lifting.


Automatically turn blog posts into ebooks, checklists, or resource guides & convert visitors. Alt to Designrr.

Related topics: content, marketing


Create powerful forms, calculators, & surveys.. Alt to Jotform, Google Surveys, SurveyMonkey, Typeform.

Related topics: lead gen, survey, quizzes


Build dynamic email marketing campaigns with SMS & eCommerce options. Alt to Keap, Constant Contact, Klavyio.

Related topics: lead gen, email marketing


Lightweight email marketing solution for most. eCommerce to bloggers. Alt to FloDesk, Constant Contact.

Related topics: lead gen, email marketing


Quick & simple email campaign tool to get you started. Alt to MailChimp.

Related topics: email marketing, lead gen


From email marketing to webinars on one platform. Alt to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign.

Related topics: lead gen, email marketing


Nurture clients in a simple way via email campaigns that keep you top of mind. Alt to FloDesk, MailChimp.

Related topics: lead gen, email marketing


Your social media on autopilot with a full management & scheduling suite. Alt. to Buffer, Hootsuite.

Related topics: productivity, social media


Optimize & schedule your social content across various channels. Alt. to Hootsuite, Buffer, MeetEdgar.

Related topics: productivity, social media


Manage & promote your content on social without missing a beat. Alt. to Buffer, MeetEdgar.

Related topics: productivity, social media


Swift content creation, promo, & scheduling including holiday calendar. Alt. to Buffer, HootSuite, Sprout Social.

Related topics: productivity, social media


Great Instagram tool to help create & schedule posts, carousels, and stories (photos and videos) to build your audience. Alt. to Planaly.

Related topics: productivity, social media


Easily scheduled and planned content. Alt. to Planagram.

Related topics: productivity, social media


Share your content with social media & build traffic to your site. Alt. to Triberr.

Related topics: seo, content, marketing


Analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence from one place. Alt. to Hootsuite, Buffer

Related topics: productivity, social media


Actionable insights to improve your social media performance. Alt. to Content Studio, Whatagraph.

what i use

Media Creation

Video & Audio continue to dominate in how you can grow your business & brand. Having the right tools are just a start.


Bridge your live-streaming across all platforms. Alt. to Be.Live, StreamYard.

Related topics: social media, podcasts, video


Create quick & branded graphics for most of your needs. Alt. to Stencil, VistaCreate, PicMonkey.

Related topics: graphics, social media, promos


Podcast.co has been awesome to help get my podcasts out fast & in mass. Alt. to Anchor, Soundcloud, Libsyn, Podbean.

Related topics: podcasts


Transition listeners into business leads via your podcast. Alt. to Transistor.fm.

Related topics: podcast, lead gen


Harness the power of AI and voice recognition to edit your video content. Alt. to Adobe Premiere, Descript, Magisto, InShot.

Related topics: videos, productivity, social media


Collection, sharing, and management of real video testimonials. Alt. to Trustpilot, VideoAsk, BombBomb.

Related topics: videos, testimonials


Full-featured video editing suite. Alt. to Vimeo, Animoto, InVideo.

Related topics: videos, marketing, social media


Create camera-only videos, screen recordings, and pre-recorded videos. Alt. to Warm Welcome, Loom.

Related topics: videos, lead gen, sales


Transcribe video and create quick marketing promos. Alt. to Otter.ai, ConvertSpeeh, Notta.

Related topics: videos, productivity


Safe space to create video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Alt. to Discord, Skype.

Related topics: videos, productivity


Cutting-edge tool that makes professional videos in minutes. Alt. to Filmora, Lumen5, Vimeo Livestream.

Related topics: videos, productivity, marketing

EWWW Image Optimizer

Accelerate your site speed and boost SEO rankings by optimizing your images. Alt. to WP Smush.

Related topics: seo, productivity, wordpress


Transform audio into custom-branded, engaging audiograms. Alt. to Headliner, Clipchamp, Descript.

Related topics: videos, productivity, podcasts


Store, upload, and monetize images and videos on a platform you have more control on. Alt. to Dubb, Vimeo, Hippo Video, CloudApp.

Related topics: videos, web development


Create text-to-speech voiceovers for videos and blog posts. Alt. to Trinity Audio, Read2Me.

Related topics: podcasts, productivity, wordpress


Grab visitor's attention with video business cards & site bubbles, then they can directly reply & start useful conversations. Alt. to BombBomb, VideoAsk.

Related topics: videos, lead gen


Create pro quality, branded graphics fit for your business & mech. Alt. to Canva.

Related topics: graphics, promos


Collect and share video testimonials with ease. Alt. to Vocal Video, VideoPeel.

Related topics: lead gen, marketing, videos


Creative assets at your fingertips make the creative process faster. Alt. to Envato Elements.

Related topics: graphics, videos, templates

what i use

Mobile (SMS/MMS),
Bots, & Chats

Video & Audio continue to dominate in how you can grow your business & brand. Having the right tools are just a start.

Mobile Text

Engage all your customers via mass text messaging. Alt. to Slick Text.

Related topics: sms, mms, lead gen


Increase traffic, subscribers, and sales with two-way omnichannel messaging. Alt. to Twilio.

Related topics: sms, mms, lead gen


Omnichannel comms platform with live chat, helpdesk, and chatbot. Alt. to Crsip, Intercom, Tawkto.

Related topics: lead gen, customer support


Harness the power of conversational marketing via personalized bots. Alt. to Drift, Qualified, and Landbot.

Related topics: customer support, lead gen


Engage and motivate your top customers, clients, and leads via text messages. Alt. to TextMagic, SimpleTexting.

Related topics: sms, mms, lead gen


Stay connected to clients via website live chat, chatbot, social, and Facebook Messenger—all from one dashboard. Alt. to Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom.

Related topics: customer support, lead gen


Engage visitors, book meetings, and capture leads with live chat and bots. Alt. to Drift.

Related topics: customer support, lead gen


Connect with your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. Alt. to Zoho Desk, Freshdeask.


Easy plug & play mouse that's also rechargeable.


Lighting is important for high-quality videos.

what i use

& Management

Video & Audio continue to dominate in how you can grow your business & brand. Having the right tools are just a start.


Make things easy for you & your clients to connect & pay for services. Alt. to Calendly.

Related topics: scheduler, lead gen, productivity


Record & transcribe your meetings so you can stay on track and informed. Alt. to Descript, MS OneNote, Evernote.

Related topics: productivity


An organized home for all your documents, notes, and projects. Alt. to Evernote and Loom.

Related topics: productivity


Capture & organize your ideas & contacts easily and safely in the cloud. Alt. to MS OneNote, Notion, Google Keep.

Related topics: productivity


Communicate, collaborate, and manage your projects in a single platform. Alt to Asana, Jira, & Clickup.

Related topics: productivity, project mangement


A cool alt to Asana. Track task management, team chat, time tracking, Scrum, and more in one place.

Related topics: productivity, project mangement


Organize, find, and share all your brand assets from one beautiful platform. Alt to Frontify, Brandfolder.

Related topics: productivity, project management


Has been great at streamlining and automating client projects and collecting website assets. Alt. to Honeybook.

Related topics: productivity, project management


A great starter in client management projects for coaches & photographers. Alt. to Dubsado.

Related topics: productivity, project management


Super cool way to search everything from computer to cloud drives & emails.

Related topics: productivity, project management


Securely store and share your files in the cloud with zero-knowledge encryption. Alt. to pCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.

Related topics: productivity, file management


Keep your content safe & organized in the cloud. Alt to Dropbox, Google Drive, IceDrive.

Related topics: productivity, file management


share project information, assets, and tasks on a customizable client portal. Alt. to Portal, Basecamp.

Related topics: productivity, project management


Need a way to share videos but also track that they are being seen and protected. CloudApp is for you. Alt. to Loom.

Related topics: productivity, videos, customer support


Helpful tool in creating knowledge base and documents for your clients & staff. Alt. to Help Scout, HelpDocs.

Related topics: productivity, customer support


A great alternative to Airtable to help you collect & track data. Alt. to Airtable, Trello, Asana.

Related topics: productivity, project management


A way to get a simple calendar going without you requiring white-label features. Alt. to Acuity.

Related topics: productivity, scheduling


For those in need of wrangling up your contacts & contracts in one place without fuss. Alt. to Dubsado, Honeybook.

Related topics: productivity, project management


Manage employees, finances, projects, sales and customer support. Alt. to Zoho, Dubsado, and HoneyBook.

Related topics: productivity, project management


Create professional proposals quickly & create templates for your business. Alt. to PandaDoc, Proposify.

Related topics: productivity


Streamline all of your Google-related tasks, including emails, & share with your team & clients through your own domain.

Related topics: productivity


Help bring attention to your business through online reviews and content with the help of Google.

Related topics: marketing

Analytics 4

Track the traffic your website builds and learn ways to improve on that power.

Related topics: seo, marketing


Protect your website and forms using this anti-bot and anti-spam tool.

Related topics: websites, wordpress, security


Store, organize, & share documents for your business. Alt. to iCloud, Dropbox, IceDrive, pCloud.

Related topics: productivity, file management

Your failure to organize should not lead to your organization's failure

what i use

Awesome Tools For Podcasting & Vlogging

Video & Audio continue to dominate in how you can grow your business & brand. Having the right tools are just a start.

Logitech Brio 4K Webcam

Clear, clean images help capture attention. The camera is a great start.

Magic Mouse

Easy plug & play mouse that's also rechargeable.

Audio Technica

Have folks hang on to your every word!

Neewer 5600K

Lighting is important for high-quality videos.

Steps to Website Strategy:

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If you won't invest in your brand & yourself, why should anyone else?

Learn To Keep It Super Simple

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Sip 'N Chat Live

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Brand Guides

The struggle is real. For when you simply need quick references to guide you, these guides are for you!

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