Two Common Reasons to Stop Being Afraid; Just do it!

updated 2017-08-27
While watching some other businesses fail and learning about the obstacles that made these businesses fail became my motivation for success. When successful business owners and leaders share their adventures with me I take them as learning opportunities.
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After years of self-intimidation and -doubt, I decided to jump into the ring of fire; with an online business fire that is. Sometimes you have to simply stop being afraid; JUST DO IT!

To witness so many individuals take advantage of those who are unclear of what is expected of a Web and graphic designer, or those who honestly have little to no time to vet those they hire, was disheartening.

I didn't claim to have ground breaking knowledge to the path of earth shattering web design or graphic techniques, but I knew I could do better than those who fraudulently accepted work with sub par creativity for high rates.

The difference between them and me? They went out and applied. They took the chance to put themselves out there. Now be it right or wrong that they sold themselves at a higher standard than what they supplied their customers is a different story. The bottom-line was (and still is) that they made that connection and landed the job.

So learn from my rookie mistake with a few tips:

Practice makes perfect

This is no simple statement, especially while working a 9-5, attempting to complete a dissertation to fit ever changing, secret standards that only the twisted friends at the University know and trying to jump start a successful business by year's end. Alas, being stubborn is good for something as I hate to fail at something I care about so as I type and draw with my fingers crossed I make every effort to push myself and apply the skills I have learned.

Learning from others' failures

I don't believe that I must suffer every angst known to man to realize that there are certain situations I never want to experience. Wishing and praying won't keep most bad situations at bay and ‘keeping hope alive' in search of a twist of fate has never done me a bit of good. Instead, keeping my nose to the grind and working my way toward a better way has been my chosen road to success. I have been more than fortunate to meet and keep good people who have been supportive in my corner but that has not happened while watching TV locked up and sheltered. I stepped out of my comfort zone. Hearing other's tell me their struggles and triumphs not only gave me encouragement, but life lessons and wisdom that I didn't have to live out personally but could still learn from.

The Rundown

While watching some other businesses fail and learning about the obstacles that made these businesses fail became my motivation for success. When successful business owners and leaders share their adventures with me I take them as learning opportunities. When I see others struggle through obstacles I observe how they move and consider alternatives for myself.

Business is about survival, and if one business owners refuse to adapt and get focused, someone else will and take over the market.

Remember: It's time to stop standing on the sidelines. Boss up for your brand and stop being afraid; JUST DO IT!

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