[Video Series] The Basics: WordPress Dashboard


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Check out our Video Series – WordPress Dashboard collection so that you can begin getting to know your way around the WordPress Dashboard

So now that your website is up and running (with the help of your Power Crew of DIY) you will want to get to know your WordPress Dashboard. In this Video Series, we learn all about the WordPress Dashboard and everything that you can do from there.

The Dashboard

You learn about the helpful links and messages that give you inside information on the health of your website, sending messages, and statistics of your website and visitors. You are able to have a full overview of everything that will happen on your website and manage most of them from one location. This video provides an overview of what you can expect. Knowing as much about your Dashboard and what it provides you will give you the ability to seamlessly manage your website and address alerts quickly. Watch it now to get started on your WordPress Journey.

Understanding Your WP Settings

Once you log into your WordPress website you should begin customizing your Settings. For this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at the General settings in WordPress so that you can get a good handle on how to customize how your audience interacts with you and your website.

Learn Your Tools

Just as the name suggests, the Quick Drafts section of your Dashboard allows you to quickly jot down any ideas you may have for an article and save as a draft. Watch the video for more details that will help you get started and launch your next story!

Setup Your Favicon!

For this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how to add a favicon to your WordPress blog. Your favicon is that tiny symbol found in the URL Address bar and on browser tabs. You can create your own and further brand your website into the unique entity that it is.

Boss Up with The Rundown

Now it's time to take what you've learned and begin to create your new website.

If you need help finding someone who can help, check out my tips on how to pick your next website developer and more simple website design tips you can do yourself.

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