How To Find A Web Designer (or Developer) That Fits You

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Your web designer or developer should be an asset to your team rather than a hindrance. Learn the four ways to find a web developer or designer today.
Find the Best Website Developer and Designer for your Project

Table of Contents

When looking for a website designer (or developer) you should always look for the best fit for your project and/or business overall. It is important to weed out the Uninformed Newbie from the Knowledgeable Expert.

Regardless of your business and the audience of your website you should make sure that the web designer or developer that you choose is competent and can work with you also.

Why it's important

If your website is the lifeline of your business and your customers rely on it for updates and valuable information to help them resolve their issues, it's vital that you leave your online business in capable hands.

If you are starting out and don't  have any customers viewing your content on a daily basis yet, then a few setbacks may not be as damaging as someone who's been building an online community for a few years

Bklyn Custom Designs - Find the Best Website Developer and Designer for your Project

Four vital things to consider

1. Ability to explain the entire process. If the designer or developer can only speak to you in technical terms and can't break-down their terminology and process in layman's terms – BREAK OUT & RUN!

This can be true for those who like to hide behind terms to explain what they do and to hide the fact that they are using current popular catchphrases to distract you.

Hoping that you're too busy running your day-to-day operations, some newbie web designers attempt to bury their limited skills in a sea of alphabets and terms. Don't fall for that crap. Make them break it down.

2. Make purchases on Domain/Hosting Account(s) without previous consent. This move is a no-no. If your Web designer or developer makes purchases on your domain or hosting account without your permission – BREAK ALL THE WAY OUT!

At no time should your web developer or designer purchase services and/or products that are not already included within your plan with your domain and/or hosting provider.

Nor should anything be purchased that's not already included within the contractual agreement made between you & your web designer or developer.

Find a web designer or developer who respects protocol & will not disrespect you by making unnecessary or unauthorized purchases on your behalf.

3. Redirects your website off paid Hosting without prior consent. Your web designer or developer redirected your standalone website to another paid CMS hosting leaving you with an unused, recurring domain/hosting fee and services. WTF?!

If you have not instructed such a drastic change to be made, your web designer or developer should not take it upon themselves to make such changes without explicit & written from YOU.

This can result in you paying for duplicated services and products. Be cautious and quick to address such situations. I've seen this happen and I was flabbergasted that someone would pull such a stunt.

4. Loss in Traffic and Revenue. You notice a significant loss in website traffic which in turn results in decreased revenue from advertisers. The last thing your business needs is anything that leads to wasted clicks and revenue.

No visitor wants to enter an endless stream of clicking in order to receive information or products. The fewer the clicks; the higher the chance of visitors becoming reoccurring, paying clients.

Find a web designer or developer who can upgrade your website without downgrading your traffic & revenue.

Solopreneur working from home

The Rundown

Your web designer or developer should be an asset to your team rather than a hindrance. Most of us specialize in a particular skill and are best at what we do when we exercise our ability to turn down a job that may not meet our time allotment or ability.

The best way to know that a web designer or developer understands the weight of the workload is their ability to assess how much time a project may take. Part of this comes from your ability to express what you want and need from your website.

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Ask the appropriate questions that pertain to your particular needs instead of using generalized questions. General conversation only creates more opportunities for disappointment and delayed projects.

Part of your journey to find a web designer or developer is to ask all the questions that will help them help you. Once you get past your expert's basic understanding of how they can get your website up and running, get down to the specifics of what needs to be done (by them and you) so you can accomplish your business goals.

For further information on how to find a web designer or developer that fits you pick up our new release, Turn Clicks into Profit today and start your search on the right foot!

If you want to work with me & my team, check out our branding solutions here or connect with me on IG @bkcustomdesigns.

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