Create Targeted Content, Rank It, and Grow Your List


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Today I have a great little 3 step strategy for you that will help you grow your list on an ongoing basis. What I find awesome about this particular strategy is that it works exponentially, so the more you work on it, the better it works for you.

This isn’t hard, it isn't rocket science, but done strategically and more importantly, consistently it works extremely well.

Step 1: Create Targeted Content

Step one is to write a new piece of targeted content. This is something you know your audience is interested in and looking for. There are a few different ways to figure out what you should be writing about. Some of them you instinctively know. They are the big topics in your niche. Start there.

Then as you grow your reach and your list pay attention to the questions your readers ask. You can also interact in forums and groups online and make a note of questions asked there.

Last but not least, use a keyword research tool and make a list of terms people are actively searching for.

Step 2: Get It To Rank

Once your content is written, your next job is to get it to rank. Go for long-tail keywords that are fairly easy to rank for. They may not bring you a lot of daily traffic, but over time this will start to pay off big.

Bklyn Custom Designs Advanced List Building Challenge - Created Targeted Content

Pick a keyword you’d like to rank for and optimize the content for it. Set up some internal linking, get a few outside links pointing to it and start sharing it on social media to get those social signals going.

Step 3: Grow Your List

Last but not least, make it easy for people to sign up for your list. Write a transition that leads them smoothly from the article to your opt-in form at the end of the article. Invite your blog article or article readers to sign up for your list.

Test the form, headline, and copy to come up with the best converting form for this particular article, just as we discussed yesterday.

It really is that easy and once you have a few of these under your belt, it won’t take you long to put together a new article like this on a weekly basis. Make them part of your regular blogging schedule and start growing your list exponentially.

What I love about this strategy is that you do the work once and your content continues to attract new readers and grow your list from there on out.

The Rundown

A single article probably won’t make a huge difference in your list growth, but as that list of articles grows over time and you see new readers find you via search and social media, it can have a huge positive impact on your list building, email marketing, and bottom line.

Also, you shouldn't create new articles randomly. Make each one count and provide value and they will “live on” for as long as people need solutions to those particular issues. We consider these Evergreen articles. From business and family to love and dating, people are constantly looking for ways to improve in these areas. So continue to learn and grow your list with valuable content!

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