S.M.L.F Series: Promote Your Own Content and Brand


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Welcome to Social Media Love Fest (S.M.L.F.) 2-Part Series

Yesterday we talked about how important it is to promote your blog articles after you hit publish.

Today we pick back up on the topic and dig a little deeper into how we can leverage social media to do just that.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap it up with part two of social media love where I’ll show you how you can use social media to improve your blog and come up with endless article ideas.

Stay tuned for that and read the simple five step process of using social media to promote your own stuff.

Step One – Identify Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out Already

The first thing you need to do is figure out where your target market hangs out on social media sites. Yes, most of us have a Facebook account, but it’s not the best social media platform for every single niche. Do your research and come up with a short list of platforms where you want to focus your efforts.

Step Two – Establish a Presence and Learn the Ropes

Then get active there and start making friends. Figure out the social media platform and pay attention to what other bloggers are doing that seems to be working. Things always change on social media so this will be an ongoing thing. Start learning and start making connections with your target market.

Step Three – Tailor Your articles and Your Images to These Social Media Platforms

Figure out how to best present your content. What images should you use, should they have text on them and what sizes work best? Find that out and start tailoring your content to those specs.

Bklyn Custom Designs Pin It: 30-day blogging challenge - sml pt1 promote your ownTry different approaches and see what works best for you, your blog, and your niche.

Step Four – Promote and Interact

With all the prep work done, it’s time to start promoting your content. Aim for a mix of interaction, sharing other people’s content, and of course sharing your own. Mix it up and don’t just toot your own horn all the time for best results.

Step Five – Grow, Rinse, and Repeat

As you spend more time on each social media platform and interact with other users you reach will start to grow. Keep it up and spend a little time each week connecting with new people in your target market. Keep growing and of course, rinse and repeat on an ongoing basis so your content is continually promoted.

The Rundown

Every few months re-evaluate what you’re doing and see what’s getting you the best results. Do more of that and try new tactics, techniques, and social media platforms as you come across them.

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